Why MdM Accounting Services?

At MdM we do what we love so you can do what you love!

We are pleased to offer services on top of bookkeeping, with administration, remote and on-site bookkeeping, and flexibility of schedules we are able to accommodate you.

See why we could be the rigth fit for you below!


Is Hiring a Bookkeeper Worth the Investment?

Bookkeepers are a vital position in a company, we monitor, reconcile, post and review financials on the company. We offer a clear understanding of your financials with regular reporting, so you always know where your company stands.

Bonus: regular bookkeeping allows for a stress free and prepared tax season!


Having bookkeepers in house is very common, however hiring a freelancer could be the right fit for your company! We are able to do just as much if not more, hire us to do the job, or hire an employee to fill the desk.


Cost Effective

Freelancers can be more cost effective because with us, you only pay based on the job! Never worry about paying employee or employer source deductions, benefits or offering us any "perks" we are there to get what you need us to do done.



Freelancers are able to work on your schedule. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly or project based schedules.


At MdM we have been in the Accounting/ Bookkeeper field for 25+ years. We do this because it is what we choose to do on a daily basis. With our extensive experience and knowledge in various of businesses we are happy to be well diversified.


Sample of Industries

  • Private, Public and Family Medicine
  • Construction
  • Contractor
  • Real Estate
  • Dentistry
  • Manufacturing
  • Rentals

And more, message today to see if we are in your industry!

Before Hiring a Bookkeeper

  • Spend 10+ hours a month on bookkeeping tasks
  • Fear or making mistakes costs you more hours spent on it
  • Ignoring Finances until you no longer can
  • Unpaid bills or invoices

After Hiring a Bookkeeper

  • 10+ more hours being spent building your business
  • Confidence that nothing is being missed
  • Consistent and accurate reports on a regular basis
  • Bills and invoices paid and completed on time

Yes, bookkeepers perform a large amount of data entry, however we are able to offer so much more than that. We are able to analyze and review what is being entered. We are able to provide reporting to accurately show you where your business stands.

Are you ready to make the switch?

We know it can be scary to switch to outsourcing such a private and vital part of your business, we want to ensure you are comfortable with us before anything. Click here to reach out to schedule your free 30 minute consultation!